The world's only interactive mastering and distribution software.

Fast & Accurate

Every video mastering software must have tools and techniques to allow any operator to export as soon as possible.  SPOKESMAN has those tools and techniques.  The SAAS lets an operator create an interactive master of a film and export to its proper channels in less than a day.

Creative & Flexible

SPOKESMAN allows for multiple icons, transitions, people, place, locations, colors, text formatting and other features needed for the most particular eyes.  Its the only Post-Production approved software of its kind.

Export & view


Long gone are the days where viewers could not interact with television or streaming video.  SPOKESMAN works specifically for Interactive devices.

If the device has a remote control.  It's interactive.  If you need to use a mouse.  It's Interactive.  If it's a touch device, AR or VR device.  It's interactive and works well with SPOKESMAN.

Made with LOVE from South Beach Miami, Florida